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About Us

Middle Age Crisis is a new kind of website. Created by Joe Paumi , Middle Age Crisis (MAC)  will take on

topics that are interesting to men who can’t wear jeans that sit below the waist .

With sharp wit and highbrow humor, Joe  will cover up-to-the-moment topics with frank discussions

ranging from facelifts, bourbon, clothing, sex, and food. Not a nostalgia site by any means, Middle Age Crisis

will focus on relevance, unique guests, and interviews that will hold the interest of adults who feel their demographic

has been overlooked and under estimated.


For more information, feel free to contact us:


(Joe Paumi)                        Editor-in-Chief






Just because you’re over 50, lost the job that you thought was going to make you rich and famous, have been replaced

by some smart ass your son’s age and your present income has decreased to that of an 19 year old working at Jiffy Lube–

you can still feel sharp. Remember: If you still look good and smell fresh, people can’t claim you’re dead.

–Ben Franklin 1779

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